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Elephant in German circus pushes another elephant into crowd

Jul 5, 2018

An animal right's group called for a ban on wild animals at circuses in Germany after dramatic video emerged of an Indian elephant veering off its scripted performance, and headbutting another elephant out of a ring and into a shocked audience

Scientists create hybrids in race to save rhino sub-species

Jul 4, 2018

Scientist say they're several steps closer to perfecting a method for stopping the extinction of northern white rhinos

Dublin faces water restrictions as lush Ireland swelters

Jul 3, 2018

Irish authorities have imposed a ban on watering lawns and gardens in the Dublin area as a country famous for its rain-soaked green landscape experiences a rare drought

Jews, Muslims in Berlin team up on bike rides against hatred

Jun 24, 2018

Jews, Muslims team up on tandem bike rides against hatred in German capital

Cyclists retrace Jewish child refugees' journey to Britain

Jun 17, 2018

Almost 80 years after the first "Kindertransport" evacuations of Jewish children to safety in Britain, 42 people have set off on a memorial bike ride from Berlin to London

Prosecutor: Man makes deadly toxin for an attack in Germany

Jun 14, 2018

German prosecutors say they've thwarted an Islamic extremist plot to launch an attack with the deadly toxin ricin

Harry and Meghan turn out for Trooping the Color spectacle

Jun 9, 2018

Prince Harry and his new wife, the former actress Meghan Markle, joined the pageantry of the annual Trooping the Color ceremony to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday

Australia will learn from mistakes, says new coach Langer

Jun 6, 2018

New Australia coach Justin Langer wants his country to be No. 1 in learning from mistakes when he takes charge for the first time

Australian playwright disappointed censors axed Beijing play

Jun 5, 2018

Renowned Australian playwright David Williamson says he is disappointed Chinese censors have canceled a production of his play "The Removalists" officially because of bad language and violence

Huge parade celebrates gay pride in Brazil

Jun 3, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in Brazil's largest city for its 22nd gay pride parade, which is considered one of the world's biggest

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