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What crypto messenger is about?

Nowadays, every chatting system requires proper encrypting, so that security stays at its maximum level. Each of us has to communicate to colleagues, friends and family members every day. For that reason, it is crucial that every message that is sent in the chat is encrypted. In reality, decryption can take place on a device you use only and therefore the information you send can be compromised hence suing crypto messenger as the tool of communication is the way forward.

How decentralized messenger works?

As it has been mentioned above every individual and particularly business people require proper tool to establish maximum security for their communications. A messenger that uses the most advanced cryptographic technologies can do just that. These technologies are based on the blackchain technologies that are regarded to be the most sophisticated when it comes to encryption. The good thing about decentralized messenger is that it uses the most modern cryptographic model and enables the highest standards when it comes to privacy and security!

What does messenger provides?

There are lots of features that p2p messenger can provide to these who uses it on daily basis. Here is the list:

    It encrypts every piece of information that you exchange with your colleagues.

    Allows sending encrypted messages and multimedia files.

    It serves as a secure social network.

    Ensures the highest level of confidentiality for its users.

    It uses unique authentication process.

    Uses encrypted codes top add recipients.

    It uses complex algorithms for sending messages.

    All your previous records can be deleted instantly with one switch if you wish to.

Who can use the messenger?

In the past the number of bodies who were allowed to use such technologies was limited. Generally, it was used by intelligence services, governments, private detective agencies and wealthy individuals. These days blockchain messenger can be used by virtually anyone. It can be used with your friends, colleagues at work, children and even neighbors and of course in business communications. In fact it is not knows how hacked information can be used against us. Even buglers use hacking programs to find out when we are not at home hence using encrypted exchange of information is absolutely crucial.

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