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Online Shop is the same shop as a regular store. The difference is that you don’t have to go outside in order to buy something. Just enter the appropriate site and select what you want to buy.

There are two types of sales:

B2B (business to business) - the sale of goods or the provision of services to commercial organizations.

B2C (business to customer) - sale of goods or services to individuals.


The main difference between the online store and the traditional type of trading platform. If an ordinary store needs a trading floor, shop windows, price tags, then its online namesake has the entire infrastructure implemented in software. In other words, an online store is a collection of programs running on a website that gives a chance to a customer to remotely choose a product from a catalog and place its order. The functions of a showcase and a trading floor are performed by pages with an illustrated catalog of goods, and consultants with tips, instructions, and descriptions. Everything else is like in a regular store. Even in the interface of the online store, the usual elements are preserved, for example, a virtual cart (basket), where we store the selected goods on the way to the checkout. provides excellent online shopping experience with bitcoin payment method possibility.

The online business is closely interconnected with regular sales and acts as an addition to the main retail trade. Such a scheme is perhaps the most successful. After all, the activity of online stores is regulated by almost the same legal framework as the work of ordinary (off-line) outlets. And the experience of real work with customers can be largely extended to the future online store.

Having chosen the necessary goods or services, the utilizer usually has the opportunity right there on the site to choose the method of payment and delivery. The totality of the selected goods, the method of payment and delivery are a completed order, which is executed on the site by reporting the minimum necessary information about the buyer.


In other words, potential owners of online shops are those companies that are theoretically capable of selling their products through catalogs, i.e. with the organization of delivery. Briefly, an online store can be defined as software specifically designed for the convenience of buying and selling from a website.

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