Retailers improve the experience of their mobile apps growth customer review

Retail mobility solutions are constantly evolving to make a customer's shopping experience more enjoyable and satisfactory. Here are the latest ecomm mobile trends that should definitely be implemented on Retailer mobile app.

Pune, India - February 11, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ —

Pune, IN.:Until the start of the 21st century, the only way to make a purchase was by visiting a brick and mortar store. Then came online shopping and e-commerce sites that let shop from the comfort of home. With mobile phones becoming an important part of our lives, mobile apps have become the go-to method of shopping.

What is next in line in this field? What can expect from future apps and what are some of the Retailer Mobile App trends to look out for 2018? Let us find out!

1. Augmented Reality
What is the main difference between shopping in a physical store and shopping on an app? cannot see the product as in real life.
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Even though the sizes are mentioned on most apps, it is still not the same as actually seeing the product. But with augmented reality, can actually see how the product will look in real life.

Consider this example. are buying shoes and cannot figure out how they will look on feet. All need to do is switch on the camera and point at feet and the app will show how the shoes will look on feet. This same concept can be applied to buying clothes, furniture, jewelry, watches and pretty much everything. It has already been implemented by retailers such as IKEA and Lacoste.

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2. Multiple Payment Options
Not many like to enter all the credit or debit card information to make a payment and with rising security concerns, storing that information on the app is not something many would prefer to do. Mobile wallets are the perfect solution to this problem.
With the increase in usage of Apple Pay, Google Pay and other such mobile wallets, e-commerce apps need to integrate these payment modes within the app. Giving the user the freedom to pay via their chosen mode makes the user feel more secure and ensures that every person who uses product with the intention of making a purchase actually goes through with it.
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3. Chatbots
Chatbots have slowly started replacing customer care executives. Now, when a customer has a query regarding a product or a shipment, they communicate with the chatbot. Chatbots right now only perform basic tasks. They continue to evolve and soon they will be smart enough that the customer does not realize that they are interacting with a bot and not a human. Chatbots are more efficient and can handle multiple queries simultaneously. They also work 24x7 without any breaks. This Retailer Mobile App trends can provide substantial savings on the cost of customer care as well.

4. Image and Voice Search
Everyone today wants everything at the push of a button and this applies to shopping as well. Ecomm mobility solutions that allow voice activated or an image search are the latest trends that should pay attention to. This simplifies the search process and helps users find products in a matter of seconds. Although there are a few apps that have these features, they are among the minority. In the next few years, these will become the most used features and almost every app will have them.

5. Geofencing for Brick and Mortar Stores
Geofencing is exactly what it sounds like. It basically draws a fence at a specific distance and uses the location information from the user's phone to trigger certain features on the Retailer mobile app.

A good example of this is the Home Depot app. When a user enters a store, the app detects which store it is and starts a product locator feature on the app. This allows the customer to easily navigate the store and find the product they are looking for. This is a perfect example of how an Retailer Mobile App solution can be used to improve the user's in-store experience.
The geofencing option can also be used to alert the user when they are near a store or send the users in the store's proximity, information about new deals and discounts.

Develop a Retailer Mobile App for the Future
It is advisable to not waste any time before jumping on the bandwagon to create an e-commerce app for the future. E-commerce is a highly competitive world and need to use the latest technology to develop Retailer Mobile App that will set apart from the competition.
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