Suspected Data Fraud, Chinese E-cigarette SNOWPLUS Fell Down In Less Than Half a Year

Who can tell stories, who will be more popular with the public and capital? Sometimes it doesn't work that well. A new Chinese e-cigarette brand SNOWPLUS who came out in April 2019, packaged a rise story in self-promotion.
But recently, some drawbacks of SNOWPLUS's daily operation have been exposed, which not only let its previous publicity leak out, but also put itself and channel distributors into a difficult situation. Some time ago, even some executives of e-cigarette industry comment publicly "SNOWPLUS is a cheater from blockchain.” In fact, this is a well-known thing in the el-cigarette industry. In professionals perspective, SNOWPLUS is a "speculator".
How long can self-talk "Rising" packaging deceive users?
Looking back at the SNOWPLUS previous so-called major news released, such as the all sold out on the first day on-line selling, the rapid acceleration of global layout, the core competitiveness of innovation, as well as the news of SNOWPLUS appearing on the big screen of Times Square, those are all exist exaggerated advertisement.
SNOWPLUS claims that innovation capability is their core competitiveness. However, according to the patent application data representing innovation, SNOWPLUS has not even one patent application. The number of patents related to e-cigarettes is 0. Where is the so-called innovation ability?
In fact, Times Square's big screen has been spoiled by Chinese enterprises. Before that, there were special media reports that Times Square's big screen can be accessed with money. The attraction of Chinese enterprises and the brand influence of Chinese users have fallen to a historical freezing point.
When we look at the sales and shipment of SNOWPLUS. A good sales data fog disappeared, just as the tide receded before knowing who was swimming naked, the actual sales data of SNOWPLUS, through visits to its distributors, is not difficult to peek into the leopard.
To make it worse: Agents said they've been hit hard by SNOWPLUS.

"Very anxious." SNOWPLUS channel agents admitted that they had not been able to sleep well recently, which made their whole family get into nervous together.
One of the agents said that he was cheated by the advertisement of SNOWPLUS, and was pressured by it for RMB 3 million goods at one time. Although the goods were sold in the retail channel for some part of goods, but no one bought them at all. They are trying to return the goods to SNOWPLUS, but face to difficulties at present.

The difficulty of agent shipment is largely due to the low popularity of the market and the poor user experience of the product. There are users who have used the products of SNOWPLUS commented on Chinese social media,"SNOWPLUS is a latest e-cigarette brand, the sales data are general. I'm not used to the taste. The product weight is heavy, that’s really a big burden to put it in pocket. And online evaluation of SNOWPLUS is mixed, if their market share can not rise, the future must be very difficult.”
User experience feedback from consumers further proves that the dilemma SNOWPLUS face to it nowadays,
Data fraud, rapid growth is just a lie?
SNOWPLUS had previously officially disclosed that shipments increased from 10,000 sets in April to 800,000 sets in July, but this data was immediately questioned by the industry. Some media verified it to a number of insiders, said that the SNOWPLUS data was "cheated".
From the investment industry, they already know that SNOWPLUS's data fraud has been identified by intentional investors. Nobody dares to invest in SNOWPLUS in the domestic investment circle at present, that SNOWPLUS must have to ask for overseas investment . But the overseas situation is also not optimistic.
Who’s the liar?
Knowing from the e-cigarette industry channel distributors, that the so-called rapid growth of SNOWPLUS is only a whitewash of the shipments number. To a large extent, it is related transactions of internal companies, which result in false shipments data by buying and reselling between their own companies.
There are no secrets in manufacturing industry. According to data from supply chain factories, SNOWPLUS produces 200,000 nicotine pods per month, while the other coffee taste product line produces only 120,000 pods per month. Due to the unstable product sales, the factory even stopped production sometime.
It is worth noticing that this is only the manufacturing data, because of the product inventory backlog, the actual sales date will be even lower.
This is clearly far from the SNOWPLUS official claimed, they sold 400,000 sets in June and 800,000 sets in July.
From high-speed growth to product inventory backlog, the story of continuous growth of SNOWPLUS failed to pass the half-year exam successfully. What's the reason?
A good story teller can attract instant attention, but consumers pay more attention to the user experience of products. The sustained growth of the company's business depends on the recognition and support of consumers. Publicity packaging can often improve the market share for a while, if there is no strong product as the cornerstone and back up, the market share will be easy come and easy go. 
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