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Melania Trump dutifully tries her hand at lawn bowls

Jul 13, 2018

Melania Trump put on her game face and dutifully tried her hand at lawn bowls during a solo outing Friday to a historic London veterans' retirement home on her first visit to Britain as America's first lady

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Rio city council votes against opening impeachment of mayor

Jul 12, 2018

The city council of Rio de Janeiro has voted against opening impeachment proceedings against Mayor Marcelo Crivella, rejecting accusations he misused his office to grant favors to members of his evangelical church

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Royal etiquette for the Trumps' visit: Don't kiss the queen

Jul 12, 2018

President Donald Trump is coming to Britain fresh from a confrontational NATO summit that featured stinging criticism of America's closest allies, but he's likely to tone down that stance when he takes tea Friday with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II

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German court: parents can access dead daughter's FB account

Jul 12, 2018

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has ruled that the parents of a deceased girl can access her Facebook account, saying they had inherited the right to her data just like to her diary or letters

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Facebook faces UK fine over its data privacy scandal

Jul 11, 2018

Facebook faces U.K. fine over its privacy scandal

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Coach of England wins the nation's heart by being a nice guy

Jul 10, 2018

In an age of tattoos, tongue piercings and political turmoil, a soft-spoken man in a dark blue waistcoat and striped tie is uniting England amid dreams of victory in soccer's World Cup

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Royal Marines make debut at LGBT pride parade in London

Jul 7, 2018

London Mayor Sadiq Khan and a contingent of Royal Marines have joined tens of thousands of people celebrating Britain's LGBT community at a massive parade

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Elephant in German circus pushes another elephant into crowd

Jul 5, 2018

An animal right's group called for a ban on wild animals at circuses in Germany after dramatic video emerged of an Indian elephant veering off its scripted performance, and headbutting another elephant out of a ring and into a shocked audience

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Scientists create hybrids in race to save rhino sub-species

Jul 4, 2018

Scientist say they're several steps closer to perfecting a method for stopping the extinction of northern white rhinos

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Dublin faces water restrictions as lush Ireland swelters

Jul 3, 2018

Irish authorities have imposed a ban on watering lawns and gardens in the Dublin area as a country famous for its rain-soaked green landscape experiences a rare drought

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